Waterslide Extreme

Waterslide Extreme 1.1.0

Take to the waterslide on your iPhone


  • Fast action
  • Two viewpoints


  • Very repetitive

Not bad

There's nothing I like better in the summer than heading down to the local water park. If it's raining, or if you don't have the luxury of having a water park near you then give Waterslide Extreme a try.

The object of Waterslide Extreme is to negotiate your way down a series of increasingly perilous flumes, collecting objects along the way. The faster you are and the more things you collect, the more points you will get.

This all sounds like a strange idea for an iPhone game - and it is - but Waterslide Extreme just about manages to make it fun. I say 'just about', because the game does get very repetitive after a while. In fact, after a few levels I got bored and ended up just seeing how far I could get the character to fly off the side of the slide.

The graphics in Waterslide Extreme are OK, without being outstanding. The impression of speed is good, and you can choose from first and third-person views.

Waterslide Extreme is an interesting idea for a game but needs a little more variety to make it worth coming back to.

Global high scores Use your own music as background music


  • Global high scores Use your own music as background music
Waterslide Extreme


Waterslide Extreme 1.1.0

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